Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shoreline Series
I'm working on a 1/2" masonite panel with a ground of Liquitex modeling paste which is composed of a polymer and marble dust. I apply it with a trowel and then sand it very smooth. I'm working in thin layers of oil over this surface--it's kind of absorbent which is working well for me. The surface dries much faster than on a gesso ground so I can work the layers in the same session. I'm thinking about applying a layer of clear encaustic medium over the finished painting. More of these on my website on the "On My Easel" page.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another painting reworked from that series....

About Energy
I've been reworking the painting in the Sand Bay series (posted on 2/27), focusing on integrating the excitement and energy of the foreground brushwork throughout the rest of the painting. I'm not sure that this is finished quite yet, but I'm excited about the direction. I'm reworking some other current paintings in this same manner and will post them soon.