Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rainy Days

In mid August, I participated in a plein air event through Water Street Gallery. It ended up being a cold, rainy, seemingly miserable day for mid-August in Michigan. But once out, i really started to get into the smaller range of colors and by the way that the intense summer greens were subdued by the overcast skies. A blue sky can just be so obvious. With the rapidly changing overcast sky, i had to be so much more a careful observer, had to really look hard.

The event at Water Street ended up going great. I sold a number of paintings as did many of the other artists that participated. And I think it's launched me into a new series of work. This is one of my watercolors from yesterday..the second rainy, cold weekend day in a row for us, but now i'm rather looking forward to these days.
You can see more of these watercolors from Friday and Saturday (8/29-30) on my website:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Summer Paintings
Summer is fast and furious up here in the north and I always feel that I have to absorb as much of the summer color and flavor as I can! I've been painting a series that is just about water. The ever changing colors and textures are endlessly fascinating to me.

I spend a lot of my time just looking, trying to see what's really happening on and below the surface of the water. Trying to convince my painter eyes to not necessarily believe what i think to be true about water, but rather to actually SEE what's happening. You can see more of this series on my website,