Friday, May 01, 2009

April Salon

Trying for a different approach to reaching patrons, a friend and I participated in a salon at the home of my sister and her husband in northern lower Michigan. Our thoughts were that by showing work in a home setting, and by creating an event that had at its heart an open forum for discussion and comment, we'd be able to open up the possibilities for engagement with a new group of individuals.

Royce Deans and I each hung new work and in addition, we showed a couple series of still life paintings that Royce and I make collaboratively. We managed to fit over 40 paintings! You can see photos at Click on SALON at the top of the page.

Early in the evening, we gathered for a lecture of sorts: my sister introduced the evening and then Royce and I each made a presentation. We then opened the discussion up to everyone present. Conversations were lively and engaging--it seemed that everyone enjoyed the openness of the evening.

We decided to keep the work up for a few weeks and then have a salon closing the weekend of May 8/9th. Email me if you're going to be in the Ann Arbor area and would like to attend.